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Group lessons

The instrumental discovery

For children from 5 years old . This is the first contact with a musical practice, fundamental for the life of the future musician.

For 45 minutes, each week, we discover small groups of a maximum of 08 children, how all the instruments work, we try them out, we draw them.

The children approach, by gesture and listening, song and rhythm. this work is shown in concert twice a year.

Instrumental Initiation

The second part of musical initiation, for children still too young to begin studying an instrument in individual lessons.

Always in small groups (3-4 max), we offer them an approach to music theory and initiation to an instrument of their choice through collective work.

For child from 06/07 years old.

The Percussions Workshop

For children from 9 years old. What a pleasure to play percussion together !!

Supervised by Hector Gomez (drums teacher), children will be able to approach the techniques of all percussion, wood, skin, metal.

This group will participate in activities throughout the year (markets, streets, events, etc.).

Classes take place on Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

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