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Parrainez des enfants

Le parrainage privé pour permettre à des enfants défavorisés de la Goutte d’Or à Paris, de pratiquer un instrument.

Vente d'objets artisanaux

La vente d’objets fabriqués dans les pays partenaires pour permettre aux écoles de musique qui y sont implantées de fonctionner plus facilement.

Dons privés

Les dons privés qui nous aident à développer nos projets plus rapidement
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The Atelier Musical des Trois Tambours is a general interest association and, as such, the donations paid to it are tax deductible.
Supporting the Atelier Musical des Trois Tambours means contributing to the development of musical practice in a neighborhood like ours, promoting exchanges between child musicians around the world and participating in the creation of ambitious artistic projects.
Donations give rise to a tax reduction of 66% of the amount of the donation.
Public funding is scarce and difficult to obtain. For that, it is necessary to write enormous files and, during this administrative work for which we are not specialists, we cannot take care of the children and the only thing which impassions us: the music .
We therefore need to find rapid, efficient and sustainable financing solutions.
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